Brand Journalism. Copywriting & Editorial. Content Strategy.

Skills & Expertise


content creation & copywriting

It might be a golden age of content, but that also means your content has more competition for eyeballs and eardrums than ever before. I focus on messaging and strategy as the starting point for a particular content project, before thinking about how to make it come fully to life. From blog posts and articles to infographics and white papers—and everything in between.


All editors can write, but not all writers can edit. I've spent hundreds of hours proofreading and copyediting every imaginable type of content, from technical manuals to website copy to high profile print ads. I combine thoughtful insights about flow and organization with rigorous line edits.

brand journalism & storytelling

Brands have become some of the most engaging and authentic voices in storytelling. I take a balanced approach to crafting brand journalism pieces, balancing corporate or mission goals with a deep focus on what readers find most compelling in a particular context.

technical writing & documentation

Early on in my career I spent several years as a technical writer, working across web-based user help modules as well as traditional installation, configuration and developer guides. After more than a decade working in high tech, I'm comfortable with the major infrastructure and developer technologies currently in use.

content strategy

Although content strategy is relatively young as a discipline, it's a vital piece of the way brands and organizations communicate with their audiences. I've had experience defining global content strategies, conducting content audits and designing content models/editorial calendars across the full spectrum of the marketing funnel, from thought leadership to sales enablement.

writing coaching

I've taught writing in a handful of university programs, including at Rice University, Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at Austin and UCLA. I continue to teach writing in a graduate writing program. I can design style, voice and usage guides, as well as provide coaching to individual writers and content contributors.